Educational Seminars

craft_speaker_comp_smallAs a flexible, multi-faceted speaker, Reverend Craft can compose his message to meet a variety of audiences, always promising an insightful and power-pact presentation.

Bible Law Versus The US Constitution Seminar

This seminar examines, from a Christian perspective. how the US Constitution affects religion. It examines the US Constitution and how it interacts with Biblical Law.

Religion, Race, Politics and Culture Seminar

This seminar examines these four subjects from a Christian, Black Conservative perspective. An interactive, hands-on dialogue is available in a half or full day format. A single keynote or luncheon speech is also available.

Character Education Seminar

   This seminar examines the following topics:

  • Servant Leadership

  • Character Based Leadership

  • Overcoming Anger

  • Leading with Optimism

Full or half day formats are available as well as single keynote addresses.

Christian Ministry Seminar

   These seminars includes instruction in:

  • Methods of Evangelism

  • Prison Ministry

  • Islam vs. Christianity

  • Theism vs. Atheism

  • Sexual Purity Programs for Youth

Academic Associates Reading Seminar

   These seminars use phonetic instruction to assist the sound acquisition of sound literacy principles.

Crime and Substance Abuse Prevention Seminar

   These half or full day seminars examine the relationship between crime and life controlling substances. They give practical strategies for overcoming these addictive behaviors. Keynotes addresses are also available.

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